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Rescue exotic space animals from a corrupt AI in Dr. Spacezoo, a chaotic twin-stick precision shoot-em-up for 1-4 players. Or reduce them to gibs. Your call, monster.

Boss Fights!


Dr. Spacezoo:

Dr. Spacezoo is a chaotic twin-stick precision shoot-em-up packed full of gibs and grease for 1-4 players in local co-op. Blast through procedurally generated Space Zoos to rescue exotic space animals in a chaotic bullet-hell shoot-em-up. Or reduce them to gibs. Your call, monster.


  • Twin-stick shoot-em-up jammed full of bullets, gibs, grease, sparkles, and glow
  • Single Player or Local Co-Op for 2-4 players
  • Full joystick support
  • Blast through enemies and dodge tons of bullets in procedurally generated Space Zoos
  • 5 Play Modes: Story, Action, Boss Rush, Permadeath, and Daily Challenge
  • Boss rush mode to fight against single and tag team bosses
  • Brutal Permadeath mode
  • Daily Challenge with starting weapon upgrades and core power-ups
  • High score leaderboards


    In 2143, Space Zoos are automated facilities run by a centralized AI that was created by Dr. Spacezoo. Historically, the Space Zoo AI provided excellent care and the utmost comfort for all of the exotic space animals. However, the Space Zoo AI was recently corrupted by an unknown entity and is currently starving the exotic space animals and destroying any visitors.

    Your mission is to save exotic space animals and get out of the Space Zoo before the Space Zoo AI cracks your ship's control software and does bad things (mostly explosions). Your ship's communication signature is coded to look like a sentry bot, but the ruse will be discovered if you make any hostile actions or touch any animals..

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    Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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    Version v0.9.9
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    Version v0.9.9
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    Version v0.9.9